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Géraldine Jeanjean

Design by Roger Willems and Johan Thermænius
112 pages, softcover, Swiss style cut-flush with flaps
9.45 x 13 in. / 24 x 33 cm.
English / French
Published by Veenman Publishers 2008 / re-published by Fw: 2009
ISBN 978-90-8690-6 / 978-94-90119-01-0 € 25

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Géraldine Jeanjean

Design by Roger Willems
80 pages, softcover, Swiss style binding
7.48 x 11.24 in. / 19 x 26 cm.
English / French
Published by Roma Publications ROMA 428
ISBN 978-94-64460-18-6 /Distributed by Idea Books € 25

A new chapter in the chronicle around the village Aumont that features (re)interpretation, creation, perception, reality, motherhood, tradition, discovering and forgetting. Rock-paper-roots. The small French village Aumont, in which Géraldine Jeanjean’s grandmother lives, is filled with childhood memories and has been a subject for the photographer’s work for many years. Her photos are proof of what her stories contain, and identify the places that have almost become imaginary. By observing them, she noticed similarities between her children and her grandmother. While the children discovered reality, her grandmother, suffering from memory problems, lost the sense of it. A search for reality has developed like a game of rock-paper-scissors.

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Special Edition

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Print 1: Decor XIV (Chairs)
Print 2: Untitled (Flowers)
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